ThinkLite Air to exhibit at The BuildingsNY Show Oct. 20-21st in New York City.

We are pleased to announce that ThinkLite Air will be exhibiting at BuildingsNY 2021. This year’s show will be held Wednesday and Thursday, Oct 20-21, 2021, at Pier 36, located at 299 South St, New York.

ThinkLite Air will exhibit our commercial grade, air safety monitoring and purification technologies, known as the Rings of Defense. The exhibit will showcase the most advanced air monitoring system adapted by organizations such as Siemens and ABM,  designed  to measure, detect, report, and share analytics on real time viral loads in indoor air applications, including COVID, Influenza, SARs and any other airborne pathogen.

In addition, we will showcase the Purliux, in ceiling air purifier and LED light fixture and the Icon Air Healer, designed to purify the air to MERV19 grade level, while achieving a 6-log (99.9999%) reduction in airborne pathogens without the introduction of ions, ozone or any harmful chemicals. 

We look forward to sharing real data, and real life applications of these technologies, currently present in thousands of locations all across the globe. 

Please do join us at Booth # 424 or reach out to us HERE.

We are excited to put on a good show and to speak to the thousands of attendees who will make their way to lower Manhattan along the East River to attend. If you are interested in attending the show as a guest of ThinkLite Air, please respond to this email with the number of tickets that you will need. We are more than happy to accommodate in any way that we can.

We hope to see you soon at BuildingsNY!